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  • Kumaripati, Lalitpur
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  • nirvanacollege@gmail.com

Welcome To Nirvana School & College

Nirvana School and College has completed its glorious 25 years and has evolved as a reputed academic institution both within Nepal and internationally. Both the school and college are located in Kumaripati, Lalitpur, Nepal. We deliver global quality education through the academics having outstanding teaching and learning experiences and capacities. The classrooms and labs are equipped with modern infrastructure and resources instrumental in providing an outstanding learning environment. Nirvana is devoted to maintaining global quality education to produce global leaders in science, IT, business and arts.

Nirvana College is reputed for its highly qualified and experienced faculty and excellent infrastructure facilities in Lalitpur for curricular and extracurricular activities. Nirvana has maintained enviable academic excellence. At Nirvana, students have complete freedom to explore, learn about new subjects, meet new people and pursue new passions.

Currently, Nirvana operates with the following institutions under its umbrella:
- Nirvana Montessori
- Nirvana Secondary School (NEB)
- Nirvana College (TU Affiliate) Read More

Welcome To

Warm Greetings from Us

A message from our Chairperson

Education fundamentally deals with human experience. It is a process of comprehending and interpreting human experiences. Education is also an enabler of action that seeks to better the experience of our lives. The contemporary time demands something more from the youth. The youth can no longer be quiet and expectant. Now is the time for them to create their own dreams, follow their own paths, table their own demands, expect responsibility for the present and emerge as leaders. We aspire to make every student in our care, blossom into a responsible and thinking individuals who would be life-long learners and be agents of transformation and thus worthy citizens.

Nirvana strives hard to transform students into leaders who not just care for society but also actively engage with various social problems. The learning doesn’t happen just in the classroom but outside as well- through various activities planned by the Student Council and Clubs. We believe that the training of the mind to develop lateral thinking and the ability to process knowledge and information in a critical and analytical manner are skills that are imperative in today’s society.

Our visionary management team efficiently provides you all the necessary aspects to accumulate a learning atmosphere. Our dedicated faculties step ahead to impart and facilitate learners’ social, psychological, and learning approaches. The choice is yours; Decision is yours; Guidance is ours to make life perfect.

Bidhya Shrestha

A message from our Principal

Greetings from Nirvana School and College!
With glorious 25 years of academic excellence and counting Nirvana School and College strives to become a high quality, research focused and innovation-oriented Play Group to Post Graduate educational institution and working towards developing it as a reputed private university in the near future. With global quality education and excellent teaching and learning infrastructure and resources, I am sure Nirvana School and College will become a popular education destination for students coming from across the South Asian region.
At Nirvana School and College, we put students at the center of teaching and learning. The academic and management team at Nirvana includes a group of academics and research professionals who have a passion to deliver high quality education. The team include some of the highly reputed professionals in different fields of research and education in Nepal. They bring international experience from the UK, Australia, New Zealand, the USA, China and various parts of Europe.
Our school level education adopts a progressive curriculum that caters with each student’s individual interests and capacities and supports them to develop their cognitive capabilities and other life skills. Nirvana College is affiliated with Tribhuvan University and offer IT, management and humanity related courses. In addition, we also offer credit transfer to the Australian universities for our Bachelor level students.
Our main and only motto is to make our graduates capable of tackling the career challenges of the 21st century globalized world. We do not just prepare students for jobs – we also create unparalleled opportunities for students to develop entrepreneurship and innovation skills.
We very much look forward to welcoming you as our valued student at Nirvana School and College located at the heart of Patan area.

Dr Mani Ram Banjade

A message from our Vice-Principal

To meet the challenges of today’s advanced civilization, there is an imperative need to be highly

educated with ethical human values. The aim of education in general and higher education, in particular, should be to lead one to acquire intelligence and character along with life skills.

Educating the mind enables intelligence, whereas educating the heart evokes an exemplary character. A true education, hence, should target both the mind and heart of the students. The responsibility of institution is to fulfill such values by ensuring higher standards and

appropriateness of education. This College prepares our students to play the leading role in building the nation and to fulfill its multifaceted services for humanity. As we believe that the purpose of education is to make one a citizen of the world and a leader of society. Nirvana is keen to promote research-based learning which provides solutions to the problems faced in day-to-day life.

Pasang Sherpa


A trusted institution that provides an innovation educational environment, opportunities, and experience that
enables individuals to grow thrive, and prosper. We are committed to empowering youth
to face new challenges and compete in the global market with confidence and commitment by inculcating secular values.



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